Mont Rose is a great company

Just to update on my previous review, my recent move with Mont-Rose went very well again. I had limited time to prepare for my move so I was worried a fair amount of items simply wouldn't come along and I would have to take care of that myself later. The Montrose team picked up a bunch of things I wasn't expecting to see moved and did so with more agility and care than I ever would have accomplished on my own. The people involved should be mentioned because this is a family owned company with employees who are personable and care about you and the quality of their service. Frank is simply my favorite. I requested a move and as a repeat customer he knew what was needed and had me a quote back same day, which was well within my expectations. Mike led the 2 man team on the day of the move. Mike is about getting work done fast, but also well. He asks the right questions and is quick on his feet to find solutions to the challenges that the random nature of each move presents. His experience really shines. I didn't catch the name of the second guy in the crew, but he was very polite and an incredible workhorse. I was very impressed. I saw a negative review of Montrose posted on Yelp recently. I don't intend to engage in any debate with that person or their circumstances, but having belonged to the customer experience area of an eCommerce company for more than a decade, I know the hard truth is that you simply cannot please everyone. Knowing Frank and the Montrose team, I am sure they did everything they could to please their customer. Sometimes that just isn't enough, but circumstances like that don't define a company's commitment to excellence. Consider that and look to the other reviews as well. Montrose is a great company who can help you out in an industry where costs are steep and it's hard to know who you can trust. My next move will definitely be with Montrose.