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We’ve all seen the shows and movies, and we know that this stereotype is actually true. Even if you are the best of friends with someone, being asked to help them move is always an experience filled with dread. Not only that, your friends aren’t even qualified movers with 30+ years of experience (Like Mont Rose). Trust a professional San Jose moving company, not your friends the next time you need to move to a new home or office.

It’s Hard to Motivate Friends

Let’s be honest here; it’s incredibly hard to motivate your friends to work on the weekend. No one wants to spend their time off from work humping around heavy furniture, dusty boxes, and awkward items just because you’ve been friends since college. Don’t take advantage of the good nature of your friends when it’s time to move. Instead, use the moving service in San Jose from Mont Rose Moving Systems.

You Don’t Offer Workers’ Comp

Let’s be honest right from the start; you don’t offer workers’ compensation insurance for your friends or family members. This means that should someone helping you move to a new home or office suffer an injury, there’s not much you can do to help them. Do you really want to risk a friend suffering an injury helping you move? Your friendship could come to a crashing halt if this happens. A pizza and beer will not solve this problem either.

Are You Sure Your Friends are Strong Enough?

moving services San Jose You truly don’t know if your friends are strong enough to handle moving your furniture or boxes. There’s just no way to tell prior to putting the boxes in their hands if they will be able to easily move your items. Moving is not easy, especially when you have large furniture items, awkward boxes, and difficult staircases to maneuver. You don’t want to embarrass your friends on moving day when they can’t lift a box or have trouble holding onto furniture. It won’t bode well for your friendship.

Don’t Ask Simply Because They Own a Truck

Just because your friend owns a large SUV or a pickup truck doesn’t mean that you should ask for their help moving you to a new home or office. You likely won’t be able to move everything in one shot because their truck isn’t large enough. Plus, you need to have enough seats available for everyone helping. That’s why you should always use a moving and storage service in San Jose from Mont Rose Moving Systems to handle your move to a new home or office. We have trucks large enough to fit all of your items in one truck so you and your friends don’t have to make multiple trips.

Need a Moving Company in San Jose? Trust Mont Rose Moving Systems

Are you moving to a new home or office? Having trouble rounding up enough friends or family members to help with the move? Don’t trust that your friends or family members will handle your items with care? Contact the experienced movers at Mont Rose Moving Systems today to schedule your move using our trusted moving services in San Jose. Call our office at (408) 418-9207 to find out why our 30+ years of experience can help make your move as stress-free as possible.

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