Everyone knows that moving into your first home can be a challenge. You've probably received a lot of advice about what to do when moving from an apartment to a house, such as locating the main water shut-off, buying new appliances, or getting that all important home inspection. However, there are plenty of things no one tells you either. For more than 30 years, Mont-Rose Moving has helped thousands of people relocate to new homes. In that time, we've found that there are often small, overlooked things you can do to make the transition easier. Here are a few of them for you to check out before the big day.

Track the Things You Need to Do

When moving from an apartment to a house, you may find that tons of ideas and chores keep popping into your mind at random. It's nearly impossible to keep ahold of all of these thoughts, so make it easy on yourself by creating a 'Move-In To Do List'. Just write down everything that occurs to you on this list and sort through it later. You'll feel less anxious and have the beginnings of a plan for getting settled in.

Get One Room Unpacked & Decorated

While Mont-Rose does offer full packing and unpacking services, many first time homebuyers simply opt for basic loading and unloading of their items. This leaves you with the challenge of unpacking your belongings and finding a place for them in your home. Rather than attempting to unpack it all at once, go easy on yourself by picking one room to get completely set up. You'll have a space you can retreat to and use functionally as the rest of the house slowly gets unpacked.

Make a Documents Folder

Whether it's a plastic coupon divider or a steel lock box, create a special storage spot for all documentation related to your new home. This special folder can hold your insurance papers, mortgage paperwork, and even receipts for new appliances and household repairs.

Buy a Tool Kit

If this is your first-time home buying experience, you've probably never made any repairs or completed much maintenance work. You may not even have a tool set. Head out to the hardware store and pick up a simple tool kit with wrenches, hammer, tape measure, flathead and phillips head screwdrivers, and even pliers. With the basic tools on hand, you'll be ready to tackle simple issues, such as tightening loose cabinet hardware or replacing a toilet seat.

Now that you know what to do when moving from an apartment to a house, allow the residential movers at Mont-Rose Moving to manage the lifting and toting. We offer full packing and unpacking and custom crating. Mont-Rose also offers storage services for when you need a little extra time between moving out and moving into another home. Contact us by phone or via our online quote form to get started with your complimentary consultation and price estimate for that home move.

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