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When the time comes to move your company to a new location because it continues to grow, or because it’s time to downsize, it is a given that you should hire a commercial moving company. This is not a project that you should complete in-house. Your employees will certainly not be happy with having to help move the office, even if it is just to another floor in the same building. That is not what they were hired to do and they would likely have to spend a weekend or two completing the move so business operations aren’t interrupted during the workweek. That’s why you should hire a commercial moving company for the job.

A Trained Moving Crew

One of the biggest benefits of using commercial moving companies is that they provide trained moving crews for the job. Your entire move from start to finish will be handled in a professional manner. This includes specialized packing, removal and installation of furniture, solutions for storage issues, and much more. When you work with a trained moving crew , you can focus your energy on business operations instead of the move.

Protect Sensitive Material

If you are planning to move your company, sensitive material will be on the move along with furniture and other items. Can you trust your employees to transport this sensitive material without losing any of it? Sensitive material includes account numbers, Social Security numbers, contracts, company policies and personnel files. Commercial business moving is a serious project. A commercial moving company will know how to protect your company’s sensitive material so it is not lost, stolen or transmitted in any way.

Safety, Safety, Safety

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Commercial movers take safety seriously no matter the type, size or distance move. The crew you hire will have the proper safety equipment with them at all times to prevent items from breaking and to prevent injuries. It doesn’t matter if your office is moving up one floor, to a new location on the other side of town or across the state; commercial movers will practice safety throughout the move.

Assistance with Packing and Unpacking

A commercial moving company can provide assistance with packing and unpacking. Commercial movers understand that you and your employees need to focus on running the business, not packing and unpacking. The commercial moving team can help pack prior to the move, conduct the move, and then help unpack at your company’s new location so your employees can continue with a smooth transition.

Provide a Project Manager

The best commercial business moving companies provide a project manager. The project manager will meet with the point person at your company regularly about the move to discuss progress and other issues. When there is a question or a problem, the project manager can tackle them so the move can continue in the right direction.

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