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It can be very tempting to conduct a move by yourself, even if you have a small one-bedroom apartment. Aside from being responsible for your items if they break, doing the work yourself can be cost-effective. However, performing a move on your own brings with it some risks. Professional moving companies are always the best option no matter what type of move you are making in San Jose.

Fast and Efficient

Professional movers in San Jose will be fast and efficient when it comes to completing your move. It doesn’t matter if the project involves a four-bedroom, three-bathroom home with a full basement and garage; professional movers will efficiently pack all of your belongings, safely load them into the truck, and quickly move them to your new home. Efficiency is also important when it comes to moving large, odd-shaped furniture out of your old home and into your new home.

Safer Moving Process

When you hire professional movers you are making the moving process safe for all involved, including your family. Professional moving companies know what it takes to safely lift heavy items, how to safely transport breakable items and how to load boxes so that they do not break under too much weight.

Free Up Time for Other Tasks

Hiring a professional moving company in San Jose allows you to free up time for other important tasks when moving day arrives. You can focus on setting up the utilities for your new home, updating your driver’s license, making the home move-in ready and much more when you don’t have to take part in the moving process.

The Right Equipment

professional movers in San Jose

Professional moving companies arrive at your home on moving day with the right equipment. They will bring a truck that is large enough for all of your belongings, a dolly, blankets and a toolbox full of different tools to dismantle furniture. Movers will also come with bubble wrap and other items to protect your hardwood floors and your staircases.

Valuables are Insured

A professional moving company will offer various insurance coverage for their clients. So, if you move by yourself and break a TV, you cannot collect money for it. However, if you hire a professional mover and they break the TV, you can be compensated for it via their insurance coverage. Make sure you find out what type of insurance coverage is offered by the moving company before signing on the dotted line.

Why You Should Never Move Yourself

As we mentioned earlier, moving by yourself has its risks even though it might be cost-effective for your family. Some of the risks of moving yourself include the following:

  • Can take much longer than expected
  • Can require multiple trips instead of one
  • Could lead to many broken items
  • Could lead to serious injuries
  • Creates a lot of work for you and your family
  • Might not be able to enlist the help of friends

Moving in San Jose? Choose Mont-Rose as Your Go-To Mover

If you are moving to a new home, it’s important that you hire a professional mover for the job. Moving services in San Jose from Mont-Rose Moving are your best option. We have more than 30 years of experience handling all types of moves for residential clients. Call our office at (408)214-5333 to schedule your move today.

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