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So, you’ve narrowed down your list of San Jose area moving services, and now you’re stuck deciding between them? Let Mont-Rose Moving Systems lend a helping hand. Here are six services that any worthwhile San Jose moving company should offer.


Anyone who has dealt with a move knows the value of storage space. No matter how well you schedule your move, timing issues can temporarily prevent you from moving into your new space or house after leaving your old one. Due to this reason, many moving companies offer storage services. If the delay is short, then your belongings may stay within a secured truck. Otherwise, many moving companies have separate storage facilities.

Planning, Packing, and Unpacking

Mediocre movers only pick up and drop off your possessions. A genuine professional moving service will provide a team and the proper supplies to help you prepare for your move. This preparation means offering help and guidance during the planning, packing, and unpacking phases. Many companies have professional packers that know precisely how to pack and unpack your valuables safely and efficiently. Full-service movers should also provide furniture assembly and disassembly services, as well as packing material disposal.

Value Protection & Insurance Plans

A dependable moving company should have an existing relationship with an insurance company. They should be able to provide you with a great deal on insurance in case your items suffer damages during the moving process, whether due to mover negligence, car accidents, or weather-related disasters. They should have different options available to match your budget and the size of the job.

Specialized Items

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The best moving companies have experience moving special items that may require particular methods of care and handling, including pianos, large hutches, pool tables, fine art, antique clocks, medical supplies, computer equipment, and more. A professional moving company will train staff members in moving these items and implement protocols to transport them safely.

Residential & Commercial, Local & Long Distance

A qualified moving service should have few limits to what they will move and where they will move it. Whether you are moving homes or planning to relocate a corporate office, four blocks down or four states away, a moving company with professional credentials will provide you with what you need in the area you need it. Depending on the challenges involved with your move, they may provide a move coordinator to ensure that everything is successful from start to finish.

Great Pricing Guaranteed

Moving may be difficult, but it shouldn’t be unaffordable. A professional moving company will adequately plan the move and include all pricing variables before they begin, making sure it’s within your budget. You should not expect them to charge you extra fees for any lack of oversight on the company’s part. A reliable moving company will guarantee your price, regardless of what they missed.

Moving Made Easy With Mont-Rose

Sick of movers upcharging you at the last minute or offering lackluster service? We are too. That’s why at Mont-Rose Moving Systems, San Jose’s premier professional movers, we do things differently. We promise superior customer service, dependable moving and storage solutions, and, most importantly, a fairly priced and stellar moving experience.Call us today at (408)709-7568 or visit our online contact page to get a free quote.

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