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All too often, we hear horror stories that each start with the same scene: a couple or family, whether via Pinterest, YouTube, word of mouth, or anything else, deciding that it’s not worthwhile to hire a professional moving team. While each scenario may play out differently, one thing is clear: they all realized too late that opting to undertake the hassle themselves was a big mistake. Unless you're moving into your next-door neighbor's place, here are five reasons why you shouldn’t move by yourself and why you should choose experienced professional movers such as Mont-Rose Moving Systems.

Your Wallet Will Thank You

The primary reason homeowners, renters, and businesses try to move by themselves is to cut costs. While that may be accurate for short, local moves, where the distances are minimal, attempting a long-distance move can quickly become a financial train wreck. Here are some of the countless hidden costs of moving on your own:

  • Purchasing packing materials
  • Renting moving equipment
  • Fuel and truck rental fees
  • Truck rental insurance
  • Storage costs
  • Penalty, fuel, and late fees
  • Parking fees

Paying a long-distance or local moving company to pack up and transport your possessions helps guarantee that your moving costs don’t fluctuate, which gives you financial peace of mind.

So Will Your Body

Consider the combination of big, bulky, or awkwardly shaped objects with common structural obstacles, such as stairs, doorways, slippery floors, and roadways. There is no doubt that moving can be a rather dangerous endeavor. This fact rings especially true if you have never moved in a large capacity.

You can easily hurt your back from improper lifting, or you can slip and fall due to a single misstep. In many cases, broken items, medical bills, and time off work can offset any savings you accrue from moving yourself. When you hire an experienced moving company, you invest in protecting your valuables and keeping yourself out of harm’s way.

Not to Mention Your Friends

professional movers in San Jose

If you’re not planning to do all the lifting and moving, but also have no plans to hire professionals, then chances are the burden is falling on the shoulders of your friends. Beyond compromising relationships, friends can often be unreliable, especially when you do not offer them payment. In contrast, a team of professional movers will be reliable and punctual, and they will show up with a full tank of gas, ready to work.

Or Your Schedule

If time truly is money, then choosing to move yourself is undoubtedly the most expensive option. From planning to packing and moving to unpacking, a DIY move done carefully and properly is a formidable and tedious task. A week is hardly enough time to prepare, box, move, and reorganize everything all by yourself. In this day and age, few people have even a week to spare.

Choosing a full-service mover provides you with unmatched efficiency, as reputable moving companies will provide support from the earliest stages of planning, all the way to the unpacking of the final box. You’ll save precious time and energy by focusing on your daily routines and needs, knowing that your valuables are safe and in the hands of trained and experienced professionals.

And Finally, Your Vehicle

Your family sedan or station wagon will not do. Unless you're just moving what’s in your closet, neither will a van. You need the right size truck to prevent endless back and forth trips due to inadequate or wasted space. Moreover, loading and arranging your vehicle with heavy or valuable items is a complicated task, as is maneuvering an unfamiliar large vehicle down the road. Residential and commercial moving companies are experts at choosing the right size vehicle for your move, packing it properly, and delivering it to the destination safely and on time. It’s all part of the job!

See Why Mont-Rose Is the Preferred Moving Company in San Jose

If you are considering moving by yourself, save yourself the money, hassle, and headache by hiring an experienced and professional moving company. It’s time to choose the “less stress” movers. It’s time to choose Mont-Rose Moving Systems. With over 33 outstanding years of service to residents and businesses in and around San Jose, we are your go-to movers, no matter the job required. Ready to make stress a thing of the past? It all starts with a phone call. Call us today at (408) 709-7568 or visit our online contact page to get a free estimate on your next move right now.

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