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Have you decided to move your office to a new location? If you are moving from one commercial property to another, you need to make sure that you are doing it the right way. You do not want anything of importance to be broken, damaged, or lost along the way.

Because it is so important to take everything with you and get it over to your new commercial property as quickly as possible (to keep the business running smoothly), you should rely on a commercial moving company in San Jose that is not going to cut corners. At Mont-Rose Moving, we are known for going above and beyond for our clients. We provide both residential and commercial moving services.

Services to Look For

Assistance with Packing Everything

The first and most challenging part of making an office move is trying to pack everything that is in the office. You may have large tables, office chairs, appliances, and other essential items in the office.

These items are not always easy to pack, especially when they are heavy to lift. When it is time to start packing, the professional commercial movers in San Jose will be there with boxes, crates, and other equipment to help. They will do things your way and label packages, that way, you will know exactly where your belongings are going to be before they get transported.

Wrapping Your Furniture for You

Along with packing a lot of important items from the office, the movers in San Jose will use stretch wrap to carefully cover all the furniture in the office. The wrap will get placed on tables, office chairs, wooden chairs, couches, and other furniture that you might have. It is good to have these items wrapped up with the stretch wrap to keep them protected during the transit. Once everything is wrapped, the items are then loaded onto the truck where they will get shipped over to your new destination.

Quick Shipping

The commercial and residential moving company will work on shipping your items over to your new office space in a quick and efficient manner. Not only will they take good care of the items that belong in your office, but they will make sure that you do not have to wait long to get these items shipped over and unloaded to set things up in your new office.

Moving to a New Office? Mont-Rose Moving Can Help

Are you planning on moving your current office to a new commercial property that has more space available? While you are excited about the move, you may be dreading the idea of having to transport everything. Rather than stressing over the move, let Mont-Rose Moving help you get it all done. Your employees surely don’t want to have to worry about packing every last item from the current office. It’s stressful enough to go through a commercial move. When you utilize a San Jose commercial moving company, you don’t have to worry about a single thing. Call us at 408-583-5512 or fill out our contact form.

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